My name is Manuele J Sarfatti, I completely made up the J, and I can do many other things as well.

I'm currently working as Independent Developer and Product Manager for projects that (hopefully) make the world a better place.

I'm also a Photographer, UX Designer, and Creator-of-something-to-be-announced-soon!

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Riparte il futuro

website - An anti-corruption platform, which gained over 1 million signatures as the biggest digital campaign in Italy. I regularly work with the Art Director on wireframe and UX phases while talking to the policy, campaign and content managers, then curate the development and integrations of the platform. I succesfully introduced our own flavour of agile development.

At the Ice Edge

website (archive) - A campaign by Greenpeace to protect the Arctic from seabed-scraping industrial fishing fleets, one of several in which I had the honor of participating. The landing page is an underwater trip to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. I was able to experiment with a combination of canvas animations, scrolling movements and sound effects.


screencast - Tweetbook allowed you to curate and export an e-book made from a selection of tweets. As co-founder and CTO I developed the front and back-end of the application while working with the designer on UX issues. Unfortunately we had to shut the platform down in 2016, it has nevertheless been an awesome journey and learning experience.

Corruption Thermometer

website - Riparte il futuro 2017 interactive report is an interactive data visualization that explores the correlation between the Corruption Perception Index and several other social and economical indexes. I consulted with the Art Director on the wireframe and UX phases, then used D3 to implement the desktop version and Siema for the mobile.

True Innovation

website (archive) - Yet another Greenpeace campaign, this time focused on making electronic devices more planet friendly. I developed only the left hand side scrollytelling on the first page, but I had fun working with SVGs and vanilla JS, making it work on both desktop and mobile, and perfecting the transitions.